The Telework Genie is Free. Now What?

In regards to remote working, the general consensus seems to be, "you can't put the genie back in the bottle."

A good portion of the government workforce has been working from home for the past year, and the world has continued turning. In fact, some agencies report productivity is up since teleworking became the norm. While people will return to the office, it will look different with many alternating office days with days they work from home. The past year has shown us that working arrangements do not necessarily need to be confined to an office. And, when we also remove the stress of students learning from home, caring for homebound elderly parents, and a pandemic in general, employees may realize a new level of balance and job satisfaction.

To support the continued success of remote work, agencies need to shore up the IT that was put in place to simply keep the trains running on time. Some technology was implemented quickly to meet the immediate need, and now is the time to take a hard look at all of those solutions to see if they will scale to meet the long-term reality of a dispersed workforce.

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Getting (Vendor) Certified

We've written before about the importance of certifications for expanding your knowledge base and helping you stand out among competition when looking for new career opportunities. As we highlighted in that post, industry certifications show mastery of a certain skill area from security to project management to database administration. Today we want to highlight the power of vendor-specific certifications for your career.[Tweet "Getting Vendor Certified -- The power of vendor-specific certifications for your career. #GovEventsBlog"]

Much like we wrote about the value of vendor-led events, there is a tangible benefit in being certified in specific technologies as there's no escaping the major technology vendors. Their technology is in place across the government and oftentimes is providing the platform on which entire IT infrastructures are designed. Doing a deep dive and getting certified in a technology that is critical to your agency makes you a key resource for ensuring that the systems that rely on that vendor keep running and evolving.

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The Data Center Takes Center Stage

The Data Center is at the heart of our information-centric world and as such is key to government IT modernization efforts. Recognizing this, the Federal government introduced the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) in 2016 that requires agencies to meet specific consolidation, energy efficiency, and cost reduction goals by 2019. This initiative is an extension of and supercedes the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), which focused primarily on reducing the data center real estate footprint. The investigation into data center utilization resulted in the closure of 1,900 data centers and nearly $1 billion in savings. DCOI operates on a similar premise of looking at underperforming data center assets, but extends the examination to energy efficiency and cost impacts. [Tweet "Meeting your #DCOI consolidation, energy efficiency, and cost reduction goals? #GovEventsBlog"]

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FOSE 2013 Announces Comprehensive Cloud and Virtualization Track

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Sessions to Explore Risks and Benefits of Implementing Cloud and Virtualization Services

FOSE 2013 will highlight the growing importance of cost-saving tactics in a budget-driven world by offering a track dedicated to cloud and virtualization, presented by leading government authorities in this space.  FOSE 2013 will take place May 14-16 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

"In a post-event survey, nearly half of FOSE 2012's attendees stated they wanted to learn more about cloud and virtualization," said Mike Eason, Vice President, Public Sector Events, 1105 Media, Inc.  "With agency budgets in limbo, this topic will continue to gain popularity as it offers solutions for doing more with less.  By offering a track dedicated to cloud and virtualization, we're providing attendees the opportunity to learn more about the implementation and best practices of utilizing these services for their agency."

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Improved Collaboration Tools Ranked In Top 3 of Critical Initiatives for CIOs

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Asked about key IT initiatives from 2012, CIOs ranked improving collaboration tools third -- behind cloud services and virtualization. Collaboration concerns beat out big data and analytics, application consolidation, security and risk management, and a host of other key IT initiatives.

Understandable considering it directly contributes to these issues - mostly security and risk management.

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