Navigating the Hybrid Government Career Fair Environment for Post Military Careers

As with other networking and professional development events, job fairs are also transitioning back to their in-person form, but not without changes. The beauty of a job fair is the convenience and efficiency for recruiters and job seekers alike - a place to meet possible matches all in one location. When pandemic restrictions moved events online, the convenience grew as people did not need to leave their house, but efficiency gains were not always realized. Just as the workforce is now hybrid, so too is the job seeking environment.

Virtual Job Fairs Mirror Virtual Work

Virtual job fairs are here to stay because of the convenience, time savings, and their ability to facilitate geographically inconvenient meetings. With more companies hiring a hybrid workforce, location is not as important-you could be in Washington, DC interviewing for a job in Austin, TX or vice versa. Many people have found they prefer remote work to in-office positions and those people will also look for virtual opportunities for networking. Continue reading

Beyond the Beltway: San Antonio

Continuing our Beyond the Beltway series, today we'll take a look at some unique event locations in San Antonio Texas. As we've posted before, downsizing and holding more events is a smart response to travel budget and time pressures government employees face.

San Antonio's relatively central location in Texas makes it an accessible location for attendees throughout the state and in neighboring states. Texas has the third highest concentration of federal employees in the nation. The state boasts 20 military bases spanning the Air Force, Army, and Navy. In addition to DoD personnel, there are large operations for Veterans Affairs, Treasury Department, and NASA.

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