Events On-Demand

We're living in an on-demand world - streaming video, same day delivery, peer-to-peer sharing, and more - and events have also adapted to consumer desire for content where and when they want it.

On-demand events tend to be in a webinar format - an educational, one directional presentation. While these events may lack the networking component of live (and even some live streamed) events, they are a great option for learning and training, providing just-in-time information. Continue reading

In Webinars We Trust

We've written a lot about webinars, using our anecdotal research based on what we hear in the market and what we see posted on the GovEvents' site. This year's Market Connections Federal Media and Marketing Survey provided some hard numbers that back up the growth in webinars we've been seeing.

Market Connections has been surveying federal employees for seven years to get a pulse on where and how they get news and information to influence buying decisions. This year's survey of 3,400 had some great news about the rebound of the federal events market as well as some interesting insight into online events. Continue reading

Top Events for Cybersecurity Month

October is Cybersecurity Month and many organizations have taken the call to use these 31 days to educate and collaborate on solutions for a more secure cyber world. With over 70 cybersecurity events posted for the month of October on GovEvents, we wanted to highlight some of our picks for must attend events this month.[Tweet "Check out the top #government focused events for #Cybersecurity month #GovEventsBlog"]

  • October 7: Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work (webinar) - The National Association of Counties will hold a series of webinars throughout the month with this one focusing on how organizations can enhance their security practices with widely available training and educational resources.
  • October 13: Closing the Desktop Security Vulnerability (webinar) - The combination of connectivity and skill can increase the risk of malicious intrusion at the desktop. This event, featuring the director of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), will talk through NIAP's new requirements as well as the new Peripheral Sharing Switch Protection Profile (PSS PP 3.0).

Continue reading

Behind the Lens – What Makes Great Event Video

With the growth of hybrid events, webinars, and general re-purposing of event content online, video is becoming a critical part of the event plan.

While the lighting and camera angles are very important (more on that later), according to Emily Timmerman, Senior Solutions Consultant with Adobe Connect, the most critical decision that needs to be made is the quality and resolution of the video.[Tweet "Behind the Lens: Event video tips from Emily Timmerman with @AdobeConnect #GovEventsBlog"] You need to be knowledgeable about your online audience. What is their bandwidth? What level of resolution can they best view and can you best produce? If they cannot clearly view HD, there is no reason to spend money on getting high definition footage.  You also need to be aware of the bandwidth of the location you are shooting, make sure the connection can easily handle your video feed. Continue reading

Tactics to Drive Webinar Registrations

web_registerWith readily available and user-friendly technology, webinars are easy to produce. The hard part is getting people to register. Your topic may be interesting and your speaker may be engaging, but with most webinars being free to attend and requiring no commitment in terms of travel, it is hard to get people to commit to attending. [Tweet "Webinars are easy to produce. The hard part is getting people to register and attend. #GovEventsBlog"]They may see your email advertising the event pop up in their email box but there is no sense of urgency to register nor is there a driving force to attend since they (usually) do not need to commit money or a huge block of time. So how do you get people to register and then (more importantly) attend your webinars? We've looked around the web for advice and added some of our own in this quick tip list. [Tweet "Tips to drive registrations AND get people to attend your webinars. #GovEventsBlog"] Continue reading